Producer D.Siva’s Controversial Statement

Director Ajay Gyanamuthu’s Explanation

Vikram, R. Ajay Gyanamuthu, AR Raghuman, Sreenithi Shetty, Irfan Pathan, Mia, SS Lalith Kumar, Cobra 15-Feb-2022: Chiyaan Vikram is one of leading actor of Tamil cinema. He is currently starring in the films Cobra , Dhruva Natchathiram and Ponniyin Selvan. Director Ajay Gyanamuthu is directing “Cobra”. KGF heroine Srinithi Shetty has teamed up with Vikram in ‘Cobra’. K.S. Ravikumar, and former Indian cricketers Irfan Pathan, Mia George, Kanika, Mrinalini and John Vijay are the other stars.

The movie is composed by A.R.Rahman and produced by Lalith Kumar. In this case, the actor Vikram was suddenly diagnosed with a corona infection and after the isolation treatment on the advice of a doctor, Cobra took part in the shooting again. It has been officially announced that all the scenes involving actor Vikram in the movie Cobra have already been shot on January 2022. It is sad news that the shooting of this movie took around 4 years due to Corona and several reasons.

In this situation, the director Ajay Gyanamuthu has announced that all the shooting of the movie Cobra was completed yesterday (14.02.2022). For this movie crews celebrating as a cake cutting and director Ajay Gyanamuthu said thanks to all crews.

Producer D.Siva Controversial Statement

While many have questioned the producer’s not being thankful for the post of director Ajay Gyanamuthu, producer D.Siva has been critical of the post. The post said, “I strongly condemn the director for not even thanking the producer Lalith Kumar for dragging out many times more than the budget and finishing the movie with it.” Director Ajay Gyanamuthu has commented on producer D Siva’s post. It said, “Sir, I can prove anytime, anywhere that I am not the reason for Cobra’s budget increase. Evidence speaks louder and louder than hoaxes. If the team is with the producer. I will never abandon him. “