AGP Movie Review

Lakshmi Menon’s new movie AGP review

Heroine Lakshmi Menon who lost her parents in an accident; she lives with her older sister’s daughter. Lakshmi Menon falls in love with new comer R.V.Bharathan. She takes him to the hospital with a minor injury to her boyfriend R.V.Bharathan to get treatment to him.

He disappears from the hospital after receiving treatment there. Lakshmi Menon is starting interrogated at the hospital; they said that such an incident did not take place. She was confused and finally Lakshmi Menon fined her lost boyfriend R.V.Bharathan? Or not? and What happened to R.V.Bharathan? is the rest of the story of the movie.

Lakshmi Menon as the heroine she has excellent in the role of a serious mental illness person with Schizophrenia. Her realistic acting is the plus point of the movie. This is the debut film for actor RV Bharathan who has acted opposite Lakshmi Menon, although it is not his acting that makes it appear as debut actor anywhere.

Everyone who has acted as a supporting actor is a new faces to the cinema. Because their acting is a way of expressing that they are acting low performances in some places. The story and screenplay of the movie are the strength of the movie.

AGP Movie Review

Without telling an unnecessary story at the beginning of the movie and going into the story start on being interesting is to remarkable director Ramesh Subramaniyan has done his job well. Thriller film by cinematographer Santhosapandi through his visuals could not impress much. Movie edited by Chandrakumar. Musi composer Jai Krish has added extra strength with his background music.