Court Warrant for Director Shankar On Enthiran Issue

A warrant has been issued for director Shankar for not appearing in person for 11 years in connection with the theft of the story of the film Endhiran.

‘Enthiran’ is a hit film directed by Shankar and starring Rajinikanth, Aishwarya Rai, Santhanam and Karunas. Writer Aroor Tamilnadu had filed a civil case in 2010 alleging that the story of the film was his own and had filed another case in the I-Court seeking Rs 1 crore in damages for breach of patent.

A petition was filed in the Chennai High Court on behalf of director Shankar and producer Dr Maran seeking quashing of the case. However, the Chennai High Court denied that the case could not be barred and ordered a further inquiry.

The verdict was handed down in 2019 after a 10-year trial in the Chennai High Court. In it, the court said that the case filed by writer Aroor Tamilnadu against Kalanithimaran was invalid and that there was a pretext to prosecute director Shankar under the patent law, listing 16 similarities between the story and the cinema, thereby exposing the patent infringement. It therefore ordered that the case against Shankar, filed in the Egmore court, could continue under the patent law.

But so far Shankar has not appeared in the Egmore court in this case.

Following this, Egmore Metropolitan 2nd Magistrate issued a warrant for Director Shankar. He also announced that the first trial would begin on February 19.