Love with Big Boss Balaji? – Explained by Bigg Boss Yashika Anand

Balaji Murugadoss competed in Big Boss 4 hosted by Kamal.

Although Balaji Murugadoss was embroiled in a controversy at the Bigg Boss house this time around, he was the one who made the show a success many times over. Balaji also played a key role in stunning the love team, which is why it has gained so many fans.

Meanwhile, a photo of Yashika with Balaji was posted on the website. The two were also rumored to be spinning in pairs.

Are you in love with Big Boss Balaji - Explained by Yashika Anand

Thus the rumors spread that the two were in love. Explaining this, Yashika said, “We both became friends. He is happy with the development”.