In the new film directed by Rajesh and starring GV Prakash as the hero, the bigil film actress has signed on to play him.

GV Prakash, who is emerging as a leading composer in the Tamil film industry, is also focusing on acting in films. In that category, he has more than ten films in his possession, such as Aingaran, A Thousand Genes, Don’t Give Up, Jail, No Time to Love, Speaker, 4G, Drop City.

In this case, the shooting of the new film starring him has begun. Accordingly, Rajesh, who has directed films like Siva Manasula Shakthi and Baskaran as Boss, is all set to direct the film. The film will star GV Prakash opposite Amrita Iyer.

Bigil Movie Actress Who Is Paired With GV Prakash In Project

Also Anandraj, Big Boss celebrities Reshma and Daniel are set to play the lead roles in the film. It is worth mentioning that Jivi Prakash had already acted in ‘Kadavul Irukkaan Kumar’ directed by Rajesh.

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